Monday, July 5, 2010

WOW, what a Eagle project. Two young men from Liberty Utah are doing fundraisers for their Eagle Projects. The money collected will be used to build a small medical center in a remote area of Ethiopia. 465 school bags have been made and filled with school supplies and donated to this project. Over 100 quilts have been made and donated. Clothing, shoes, bedding, hygiene supplies, and basic medical supplies have been donated.

My husband and I helped with Liberty Days 4th of July Celebration this week-end. What an amazing event. The Eagle Scouts had a Hugh inflatable slide and two inflatable bouncy rooms set up. Tickets were sold for $2.00 a piece and over $2500. was raised.

The two eagle scouts will be traveling to Ethiopia with the Todos Los Ninos Foundation on July 12, 2010. Arrangements have been made to have the building materials delivered to the building site. The group will be pitching tents, bringing in water and supplies to stay while the building goes up. Natives will be taught basic medical care and this new medical site will be included in the rotation of volunteer doctors and nurses, both Native and American.

The spirit of serving others is a gift. A gift that fills ones heart and soul with happiness and worth. The Lord says, "When ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me". Thanks to all, from the bottom of my heart, for giving of your time and money. Not only for these two young men who wish to receive their Eagle Scout Awards but for the many people in Ethiopia that will soon be able to receive medical help.

Big Hugs
Cindy - Todos Los Ninos


  1. I love it when young people get involved in important humanitarian projects!!! You rock for doing this to girlfriend!

  2. Noble cause.
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Cool down here will be in the 80's, but its cooler than it has been.
    Hope you have some soon!
    I love the boy scouting program! Was involved with it for many years with my two boys and stayed with it many years after. Scouts are the best!
    With the economy the way it is here- and everywhere- we are having a hard time keeping the kids here fed and clothed. A friend of mine and I do "Christmas is a Child". We collect toys for the area children and hand them out to the parents and the stories we hear are heart breaking. These are people who have worked their enitre lives and now find themselves needing help.
    God sends us where he needs us most!
    Hugs and Blessings- Tete

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment. I too love to garden, brings me peace.

  4. You do rock cindy...this was a successful fundraiser...everyone will be blessed all around. What a good feeling. So happy to read about this project.